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Objectives, Mission, Values

Our Mission

Life, health and family are of paramount importance to me.

That is why I created iColway brand for you.
To be able to live a healthy life, fulfill your dreams and also have time to enjoy beautiful moments with your family.


Our Values

Trust, I trust myself and people.


Ffamily is the foundation of our being and creative action.

Caring for people is the foundation of our development.

Empathy sincere interest in other people strengthens ties and relationships.

Winning, I love it when other people move on to hights of their capabilities.

Reliability, I make every effort to ensure that everything I do, I do right.

Enthusiasm is a force that enhances our actions, and it develops and moves us on to higher things.

Joy is more valuable than money.

The right to error, only those who do nothing make no mistakes, so I am not ashamed of any mistakes.

Responsibility is the strength of team.

Selfimprovement is possible only by action.