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Too young for collagen?


Young people are usually not interested in health and prevention of aging subject-matter. Like everyone, they have a lot more interesting things in their minds – college, career, entertainment. Their themes are mostly based on everyday life aspects; you know, youth has a lot to offer. I myself, being a young man, know well that no one is interested in trihelical collagen protein, or how to use it.
So how did it happen that natural collagen has become so important part of my life? What affected me so much that I can not imagine one day without this legendary preparation? Why is it impossible for me to go on holiday without taking this miracle of biotechnology with me?

In my case this was due to …my laziness. In a very short time I found many useful benefits of collagen, even if I had not had the habit of paying more attention to the cosmetic issues before. You do not need much effort and time to get to know, understand and begin to lead a lifestyle that will allow you to enjoy a long and healthy functioning in the future. Young people often forget how important it is to take care of their body relatively early. I had not paid particular attention to this, until I learned about the ICOLWAY Institute of Youth with its 20+ products proposed there. They perfectly matched my daily life and young age. I am full of energy and strength, and I lead a healthy lifestyle. Products available in ICOLWAY help me to obtain it, ensuring adequate and systematic supplementation.

But, what the heck is this natural collagen? Let me add a definition that will explain what we are dealing with:

‘Collagen constitutes 30% of the total human protein mass and is responsible for elasticity, firmness, proper moisture and constant renovation of skin cells. It is involved in the functioning of almost all systems, organs and tissues. Along with ageing process, body loses the ability of collagen synthesis. Disturbances in the formation of collagen occur also in situations of its severe destruction, along with continuous overload (physical activity, sports) and autoimmune diseases (osteoarthritis). Disorders in the metabolism of collagen are manifested not only by dysfunctions within the movement system (stiffness, peri-articular pain), but also in the tissues and organs, for which collagen and related substances fulfill strategic functions. Collagen deficiency leads to senile body changes: wrinkles, blemishes, cellulite, dry skin, dull nails and hair, body shrinking. Immune system disorders, in which collagen plays a very important defensive function, limit absorption and spreading of pathogenic factors such as environmental toxins, microbes and tumor cells and are most hazardous to health and life.‘

The above definition shows that even at a young age we are at risk of the appearance of collagen deficit in our body, which in the future may result in unpleasant symptoms.
The conclusion is obvious. If you are young and you enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, the perfect addition to your life is to become interested in collagen and the products available in the ICOLWAY Institute of Youth. You will see that it is a logical and non-absorbing form of extra care for the youth and vitality.